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Latest Certificate: May 16, 2020
Latest Version: 1.5.4 (1.145.2 / 0.179.2)

Direct InstallDownload IPAAll Install Methods

Direct Install is currently down. Please read below!

iPogo Installation: Direct Install is down, however there are many more installation methods available.
If you go to our Discord Server you will find instructions on how to install iPogo
Once inside our discord you can go to This channel for help!

visit #bot-playground and type: how to install

Installation help availableiPogo Discord

If you don't have or want Discord, we understand. Here are a few options for you.

  • Signulous (Easiest Method)
    Method: Signulous Click here to be directed to Signulous
    Pros: No Revokes. No Downtime. Numerous other apps available
    Cons: $20 USD/year which is less than a coffee per month

    What is Signulous?

    Signulous, a partner of iPogo, is a user-friendly code signing platform for iOS and tvOS. Upload and sign your own apps, or choose from their extensive app library. Signulous is a great way to install iPogo if you cannot use our Direct Install or other install methods!

    How do I install iPogo with Signulous?

    Click here to be directed to the full Signulous Instructions.
    Basically you will link your device (this is only done once), then you will visit Signulous. Click iPogo, Click Sign App. Click Install. Go Play

  • Matrix Installer (Computer Required)
    Method: Matrix Installer Click here to be directed to the full instructions
    Pros: Very Easy, You control the revokes
    Cons: Computer Required. Reinstall every 7 days. If you encounter an error you cannot use this method

    What is Matrix Installer?

    Matrix Installer is a desktop tool for sideloading and installing iOS apps on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It makes it possible to install any third-party app on your iOS device using a .IPA file.

    Matrix Installer is one of the best alternatives to Cydia Impactor. It can install apps quickly without any hassle and offers a couple of additional features, such as saving your Apple ID so that you don't have to re-enter it every time you wish to install an app with Matrix Installer.

    Matrix Installer does have a couple of limitations, such as:

    • It currently supports macOS and Windows
    • You can only have 3 apps installed at a time.
    • Apps expire every 7 days and have to be re-installed with Matrix Installer once expired.

    How do I install iPogo with Matrix Installer?

    Click here to be directed to the full Matrix Installer Instructions

  • Rickpactor (Computer Required)
    Method: Rickpactor
    Pros: You control your revokes
    Cons: Need Computer. Not compatible with IOS 13.3.1

    What is Rickpactor?

    appdb Rickpactor is a tool to install apps from appdb and your own apps from appdb's MyAppStore absolutely for free. Just like Cydia Impactor, but it's never gonna give your apps up and never gonna get them down.

    How do I install iPogo with Rickpactor?

    This is a Guide how to Setup Rickpactor/AppDB - once completed, this never has to be done again. This will work with: iPhones/iPads aswell as Windows/Mac Computers/Notebooks. The fresh AppleID created during the Guide is exclusively used for the AppDB Website, DO NOT logout of your Phones AppleID.

    WARNING: This method will not work with iPhones/iPads on iOS 13.3.1 - Update your iOS to continue with this method
    Do Not upgrade to Beta iOS versions**

    Windows-Users must start at "Step 1" while Mac-Users must start at "Step 2"

    1) Computer: Uninstall iTunes if it is already on the Computer. Download either the 64-bit iTunes ( or the 32-bit iTunes ( and install it. Reboot your Computer.
    2) iPhone: Open this Website ( in your Safari-Webbrowser, click "Link Device" and enter a valid Email address. Install the Profile-Management and "trust" it in your Phones Settings (Settings> General> Profiles & Device Management).
    3) Computer: Open this Website ( in your Safari/Firefox/Chrome/Opera-Webbrowser, click "Link Device" and enter the same Email address as before.
    4) Computer: Access your Emails, open the Email you received from AppDB and in it click "Control this Device". Your iPhone and Computer are now successfully "linked".
    5) Computer: Sign into iTunes with your iPhones AppleID - then create a fresh AppleID in iTunes - fake all Account-Details - when it asks for "Payment" and "Phone Number" then choose "None" and enter a random Phonenumber.
    6) Computer: Open the Apple Developer Page ( and login with the freshly created AppleID - accept and submit the terms of the "Apple Developer Agreement". Close the Apple Developer Page.
    7) Computer: Open the AppDB Configuration Page ( - enter the freshly created AppleID + Password, set all other Options to NO. Then click "Save feature configuration" on the bottom-left. Close the AppDB Configuration Page.
    8) Computer: Download the Rickpactor.exe for Windows ( or the Rickpactor.dmg for Mac (
    9) Computer: Open the iPogo/AppDB Page ( Click the top green "Install" - a Popup appears, in it click "Cancel". It will take you to the AppDB Live Device Status Page.
    10) Computer: Connect your Phone to the Computer using an USB-Cable - Close iTunes incase its open - start the Rickpactor App/Program you downloaded at "Step 8" - on the AppDB Live Device Status Page click on "Install via Rickpactor".
    11) iPhone: After the successful install of iPogo, "trust" its Developer in your Phones Settings (Settings> General> Profiles & Device Management). FINISHED!!!

    My game is Instantly Closing!

    Simply open the AppDB-App on your Phone and click on the "Its time to not give up your apps. Fix it!" button that is ontop of the page. Wait a minute and iPogo should be fine again. This usually happens every 7 days.

    iPogo has released an update / Niantic forced an update / It says update to continue, now what?

    Repeat steps 9 - 11 only

    AppDB prompts an errormessage "Provisioning profile has expired" when trying to install/update iPogo.

    On the computer visit Click "Clear Rickpactor configuration" then reenter AppleID+Password, set all other options to NO Click "Safe feature configuration" on the bottom-left.

    The iPogo/AppDB Page from "Step 9" does not feature the newest iPogo version.

    Computer: Download the (iPogo IPA File) and upload it to AppDB MyAppstore ( - after the upload is completed, click the green "Install" - a Popup appears, in it click "Cancel". It will take you to the AppDB Live Device Status Page. Continue at "Step 10".