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Jailbroken Devices are supported!

Latest Version: 2.3.4 (0.193.0 / 0.227.0)

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How to Install iPogo using 3uTools and IPA Signer CURRENTLY BROKEN

Video Instructions:

Download iPogo IPA 3uTools for Windows iTunes 64bit iTunes 32bit
Last Updated: Jan 12, 2021
iPogo Version: 2.3.4 (0.193.0 / 0.227.0)

Suggestion: Use a new appleID for this method

Step 1: Open 3uTools and click the Toolbox Tab
Step 2: Locate and Click IPA Signature
Step 3: Click Add File and select the iPogo IPA
Step 4: Click sign with appleID (Add your appleID here)
Step 5: Make sure the AppleID and iPogo File you added are both selected
Step 6: Click Start Signing and wait for it to finish (green writing)
Step 7: Click iDevice, then Click Apps, next Click Import & Install IPA
Step 8: Select the signed IPA from documents (not the original you downloaded)
Step 9: Once Complete go to Settings>General>Device Management and trust the installer on your iDevice


Error: iDevice Unjailbroken
- If you are on iOS version (13.3.1) upgrade your iOS
- Select the Newly Signed IPA (Documents), not the original download in iDevice tab
- Delete or reinstall any apps that have a variation of this icon

Error: Any Error during signing
possible issue for signging errors include the following.

- Incorrect version of iTunes, please uninstall and use the version supplied above
- Bad internet connection or VPN blocking
- Wrong appleID information
- if the account has 2fa, make sure you trust the device and enter the 9 digit code

3uTools is a GUI tool which can be used to install iOS IPA file without requiring a jailbroken device. Before using this software, please download the latest version of 3uTools for Windows.

Prerequisite: 7-zip / Notepad++ (Or Similar)

Open the iPogo IPA with 7-zip as Open Archive. Make sure 7-zip is using Notepad++ (Not windows notepad) as its editor
Navigate to info.plist, right click the file and choose Edit.
Search for CFBundleIdentifier and change com.nianticlabs.pokemongo to
Save and close the File, Click OK when it asks if you want to Update info.plist in the Archive and then close 7-zip