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Jailbroken Devices are supported!

Latest Certificate: Aug 3, 2020
Latest Version: 1.6.6 (1.153.1 / 0.187.1)

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How to Install iPogo using Direct Install

Direct Install

Latest Certificate: Aug 3, 2020
iPogo Version: 1.6.6 (1.153.1 / 0.187.1)

Step 1: Click Direct Install
Step 2: Click Install on the popup notification
Step 3: Return to your home screen and wait for the installation to complete
Step 4: Go to Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management
Step 5: Choose the correct profile and click Trust

Direct Install is otherwise known as an OTA Installation.

Over the Air (OTA) is a method of wirelessly distributing an application and/or its updates to end- users. While the concept of updating an already installed app over the air is typical, releasing a new app for installation, especially for custom apps, is infrequent regardless of its many advantages.

Note: If you want to install / update iPogo on your iOS device, you need to first uninstall the official app or any previous version of iPogo.
However if you wish to use two copies of iPogo or iPogo and the AppStore PokemonGo, you may use one of our other installation methods!